Kit Sinclair


The Big Beer Theory




๐ŸŽต โ€ฆMath, science, history, unraveling the mysteries

That all started with the big ๐š‹ฬถ๐šŠฬถ๐š—ฬถ๐šฬถ beer (BEER)! ๐ŸŽต

When hops, water, grains and yeast come together a magical libation is born. Throw in some love and a touch of time and you have a tasty tipple indeed.

This project was mostly made in After Effects. However, to achieve the rotating beer wireframe I built a model of a beer glass in Blender and imported the 3D model into After Effects, where I used the particle system Stardust to create the wireframe. Cheers to tasty particles!!